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Convenience shouldn’t mean compromise. At PRIME, our flavour doesn’t come from artificial enhancers. If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use it. Our guilt-free snacks are packed with taste that’s au naturel, baby! Grass-fed beef, fruit, vegetables and spices. 

Real food that’s real good, it’s what we do. 

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customer reviews

A protein bar made with REAL meat that tastes amazing.
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Was not sure what to expect when I purchased this bar as I'm not a huge fan of beef jerky or biltong. The bar is actually delicious, its the first snack I've ever had where the taste of the herbs and spices is so prevalent along with the beef. Genuinely delicious I woud east this as a snack, not just for the protein, can't recommend more highly.
James S
Good quality Beef Protein Bars
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Took these on a long run through the north downs. Really liked them, good flavour and you can tell it is quality just from the minimal ingredients. A good plus is they are juicy, so if you’re feeling a bit parched, they go down really really well.
Ginny Ickle
5.0 out of 5 stars Meaty, tasty, compact, and easier to eat than jerky
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These are not jerky. They are tasty, somewhat chewy bars of meaty goodness that won't try to break your teeth, and doesn't require lengthy gnawing. They are almost as dry as many jerkies, but the meat is somehow shredded, then pressed back together. The result is a bar, with a nice mouth feel, that one can just bite into. The flavourings aren't just on the surface but go all the way through. They're a great portable non-perishable snack, or even meal, that isn't junk and tastes like real food - because it is.
Game changing protein bars!
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Finally a protein bar that tastes great and provides long lasting, slow releasing energy! I'm nearly through the first pack of Apricot and Sage. Looking forward to trying the chili and red pepper as well. I usually have a bar a couple of hours before going on a long run or playing football, which seems to be a highly effective method. I'll certainly be recommending these bars to my friends and family.

real food thats real good

You won’t find any hidden nasties in PRIME savoury snack bars – just good old simple real food.

100% British Grass-Fed Beef

We go to great lengths to source our beef from British farmers who like to see their animals roam free and enjoy the diet Mother Nature intended – grass!

grass roots, green future

We’ve worked with local farmers for generations to develop farming methods that have a net positive impact on the environment.

nutrient-dense protein

Every PRIME snack bar is crammed with lean, premium, grass-fed protein that’s incredibly nutrient-dense and highly bioavailable. 

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