Grass Fed vs. Factory Farming

When sourcing the best quality British beef for our PRIME Salami there was no choice when it came to how the animals were farmed – it was grass fed or nothing. We think that comparing grass fed to factory farming is like choosing between a rainy Monday morning or a weekend heatwave – of course, we went for the heatwave! Grass fed farming is the gold standard of rearing animals and there are infinite reasons why it is head and shoulders above factory farming. Here’s just a few…

Grass Fed Meat Is Better for Your Health

They say you are what you eat and that applies to us and the animals! Grass fed meat has a superior nutritional profile compared with factory farmed, grain fed animals. These nutritional benefits make their way up the food chain when we eat grass fed meat. Studies have shown that grass fed meat is higher in health boosting nutrients such as:

  • Omega-3 – Healthy fats which support eye, brain, heart and reproductive health
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Helps to promote heart health, enhance muscle growth, aid weight loss and may even reduce the risk of some cancers
  • Carotenoids – Precursors to Vitamin A which are important for growth and development and also support the immune system and good vision
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant vitamin which has anti-aging properties, supports the reproductive system and is also great for hair, skin and nail health
  • Antioxidants – Work throughout the body to protect cells from free radical damage

Grass fed meat is also naturally lower in calories and unhealthy fats compared with grain fed. It’s also much more likely to be free from antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and allergens which originate in the grain-based feed.

Grass Fed Meat Is Better for the Environment

The carbon footprint of grass-fed farms is significantly lower than farms where cereals are grown to feed animals a grain-based diet. Grass also helps to absorb carbon from the environment and so reduce levels in the atmosphere. Most grass-fed farms also follow organic and pasture for life practices, which means no herbicides or pesticides are used which helps to maintain wildlife and precious ecosystems. In fact, many of the claims made against eating meat in favour of the environmental benefits are mitigated when grass fed farming is practised.

Grass Fed Is Better for The Animals

Animals which are grass fed are allowed the freedom to roam their natural habitat. They can be found basking in the sun, roaming the fields and chomping on lush green grass just as Mother Nature intended. This makes for a pretty chill lifestyle and pretty chill cows as a results! Grass fed farming means far fewer human touch points compared with conventional factory farming methods. This avoids distress and panic often experienced with repetitive human interaction, something which is wholly unnatural for the animals.

Grass Fed Meat Is Far Superior in Taste and Texture

Chilled out, zen, pampered cows produce the very best meat. They live a life which is free from stress, invasive antibiotic injections, constant human interaction and cramped living quarters. This means that they can relax both mentally and physically. A relaxed cow makes for relaxed meat and the end result is meat which is far superior to its grain-fed, factory farmed counterparts. Studies have shown that grass fed meat is more tender, tastier and has a different flavour profile altogether to conventionally reared beef.

Turns out the grass may be greener on the other side after all! Grass fed farming is better for you, the animals and the environment. What’s more, it makes for a tastier, juicier and more tender meat which is worlds away from its grain fed counterpart in terms of taste and flavour! Everyone’s a winner when it comes to grass fed farming, for a fractionally higher price you can invest in your health, satisfaction and help to support sustainable farming. We’ll eat to that!

PRIME Premium Salami – Made Using 100% British Grass Fed Beef

We have sourced the very best beef from local grass-fed farms to make our delicious and nutritious premium salami snacks. Some people save grass fed for steak night or to enjoy on the BBQ but we believe grass fed should always be your choice. That’s why we’ve made sure you don’t have to compromise when it comes to snacking. Check out our range of 100% grass fed and finished snacks here and join a snacking revolution where there is no compromise on taste, quality or sustainability.


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