PRIME customer of the month: Lily Paulson-Ellis

Meet Lily @lpedesignslondon, one of our lovely customers who kindly accepted to share with us her experience as a mother and an entrepreneur during the lockdown. Lily has set up her own design studio 5 years ago and is also the mother of 3 young children. Here is her lockdown story.

One word to summarise the last 12 months?

I would say that the keyword for this past year has been “challenge”. Not least lockdown 3 because I am homeschooling two children, one in reception and one in year 1, and my husband and I had to juggle our full-time careers as well, so…challenge!

Your best tips on how to stay positive?

The lockdown is the opportunity to spend a lot more time together. Less rushing around, and slowing down the pace of life a little bit, I suppose.

Life hacks to maintain your wellbeing?

That is an easy one: run. I love running with my 2 labradors. Whatever the weather, it really clears my mind and makes me feel a lot better.

Why PRIME Snacks?

PRIME salamis are healthy snacks with no processed ingredients, no sugar or carbs, just grass-fed beef from England. It really works with my son, who is addicted to it but has a dairy intolerance so I have to be a little bit careful with any other snacks on the market. Also, given it is low carb, I don’t have to deal with the sugar high afterward. So, I just feel that it is a real balance part of his diet, which I love!

Hot and Spicy or Classic?

Definitely the classic!

An inspiring motto that you live by?

“This too shall pass.” Because it will and good times are very much in sight now!

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