Our vision was simple

to provide a real food protein snack bar that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition or quality

and so Prime was born!

Nice to meat you

Hi! Luke and Freddie here, the co-founders of PRIME. We’re chuffed you’ve found us. 

When we’re not producing tasty beef snacks, we’re probably off mountain biking or marathon running somewhere. You see, it was our love of extreme sports that brought us here. To fuel our active lifestyles, we searched high and low for premium protein snacks that weren’t just packed with sugar and preservatives. Nothing quite ticked the boxes, so PRIME was born!

Whether you’re a keen bean for sports, or just juggling a busy lifestyle, PRIME snacks are the nutritious, guilt-free snack you can pop in your pocket. 


Happy cows, happy farmers

Local, honest produce is at the heart of our business. PRIME may be small, but we’ve been in the field for 20 years and only work with farmers we know and trust. 

All of the beef we use is 100% grass fed, so there’s very little needed to enhance its flavour. Fruit, vegetables and spices are all you’ll find in our ingredients list. 

We’re in our PRIME!

We are a small (but mighty!) brand and our following is growing, particularly in communities such as Keto, Paleo and Low Carb lifestyles. Our vision is clear and PRIME is already making waves in the snacking industry – providing a unique clean, natural and real food snack that’s high in lean protein but low carb and sugar free.

We continue to work tirelessly with local farmers to deliver primal snacks which don’t compromise on ingredient quality, nutrition or taste. Our market growth and positive feedback from happy snackers only fuels the fire to further expand the PRIME empire and meet consumer demand for truly healthy snacks. Real food that’s real good, it’s what we do.

Green Future

In a world of meat-free alternatives, we’re focused on maximising the sustainability of our farms and products. 

Our plans to expand our food range are rooted in responsible farming. And, we’ve committed to become a carbon neutral business. Watch this space! 

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