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As an ultra runner, I crave real food when I run big distances, I stay clear of eating too many sweet products and prefer savoury. I was delighted to discover the awesome tasting Prime bars, giving me a brilliant boost of protein and energy when out on the trails. They travel well and taste great, perfect for long runs.

Matt Buck – Salomon Runner, Founder of Running Adventures

How to describe myself? A super active woman with lots of challenges ahead. How to describe PRIME snacks bars? The best product I have eaten so far. I tried PRIME snacks during the Love Trails Festival and was the perfect bar I could eat after an average of 30km a day. They made me feel strong, recovered and ready to keep running. I love their flavor and I can't wait to have them with me for my next races. I found my other half in bars. 

Marina – Midnight Runners Captain

I loved the Prime bars! After a long run or cycle fueled by sports drinks and gels, my body always craves something savoury but that usually has to wait until the recovery shake or bar. Now there's a great-tasting savoury option that ticks all the boxes! I'll definitely be coming back for more!

George Watkins

"I was handed a Prime Bar in the middle of a trail running adventure when my body was craving protein. It was just what I needed to get through the run without having to take a bunch of unsatisfying energy gels".

Laura's Ihry

Despite being fairly sceptical about what the Prime Bars were going to taste like, I was pleasantly surprised as they tasted great! Perfect way to get good quality protein required to refuel after a run.

Philly Koehli