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We were sick of all the usual sweet energy snacks that were full of sugar and processed ingredients.

Inspired by the simple diets of our hunter gatherer ancestors, we set about creating PRIME, a unique savoury, low sugar bar using real whole food ingredients including nutrient dense animal protein along with fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices.

PRIME is about fuelling your journey using the best ingredients; ones we have survived and thrived on for 250,000 years of creativity, evolution and innovation!

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Our Values


We exclusively use grass fed beef from British farms that we know and trust. We can trace exactly where all our meat comes from so we know it has been looked after to our high ethical standards. This is better for the cattle, better for the environment, better for the land and better for the farmer. 

Real Food

We care what we put into our bodies and value simple, real ingredients like the food our parents brought us up on. So often it’s easy to compromise when you are on the go but we want to change this. Our bars are made from real, honest ingredients you have at home - meat, seeds, fruit, vegetables and herbs and spices.

Outdoor life

We believe in the elevating power of an active outdoor lifestyle – whether on the trails, on the slopes or in the water. The more time outdoors, the healthier we feel, happier we are and the more fulfilled our lives can be. We endeavour to inspire people to get outside and go on an adventure!


We focus on asking the tough questions at every stage of our business to minimise our impact on the environment and we endeavour to educate people on these important issues of looking after the world around us.