Prime promise

PRIME means “of the best possible quality” and that is why we use 100% grass-fed British beef. We do not compromise. Luke’s family have been in the butchery business for generations, having worked with the farmers for 20 years. Therefore, the beef is 100% traceable coming from a small group of family run British farms that we know and trust.

Our Story

Born out of a passion for adventure and food:

Fred and Luke are old friends who have pushed each other around the world in the exhilarating search for adventure. For both of them, it is the world of ultra-marathons that has proved to be their ultimate passion. They thrive off challenging new trails, having competed in the most extreme events up mountains, through jungles and across deserts.

Solving a problem:

Like so many athletes, Fred and Luke found many sports nutrition products a source of constant frustration. So often processed and high in sugar they became concerned about the possibilities of long term damage the snacks could have. They wanted functional food made of real ingredients. As Luke’s family has been in the butchery business for generations, they started making packs of homemade biltong, dried fruit and nuts to energise them when they needed it most.

Creating a snack they’re proud of:

Realising the quality and taste of their combinations, they sought to try and make something in a more convenient format that could be taken on long trips as a source of energy and protein. They engaged the help of one of the UK’s top food development chefs to look at how they could combine ingredients and develop the ultimate flavoursome snack bar. They used only whole ingredients and sourced the best grass-fed beef from organic farms. Time and hard work allowed them to perfect the slow cooking and drying technique that delivers an incredible taste in the PRIME Bar.

Our challenge to you:

The iconic image of Mont Blanc represents the challenge Fred and Luke have set themselves; to complete the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in 2018. Regarded as one of the world’s toughest ultra-running races, it’s a gruelling nonstop 170km race encompassing an astronomic 10,000 meters of ascent. By putting the fearsome image of the mountain on their packaging the boys want to inspire people to go and claim their own peak. So get outside and push yourself beyond all limits you’ve set yourself!

Our Values


We exclusively use grass fed beef from British farms that we know and trust. We can trace exactly where all our meat comes from so we know it has been looked after to our high ethical standards. This is better for the cattle, better for the environment, better for the land and better for the farmer. 

Real Food

We care what we put into our bodies and value simple, real ingredients like the food our parents brought us up on. So often it’s easy to compromise when you are on the go but we want to change this. Our bars are made from real, honest ingredients you have at home - meat, seeds, fruit, vegetables and herbs and spices.

Outdoor life

We believe in the elevating power of an active outdoor lifestyle – whether on the trails, on the slopes or in the water. The more time outdoors, the healthier we feel, happier we are and the more fulfilled our lives can be. We endeavour to inspire people to get outside and go on an adventure!


We focus on asking the tough questions at every stage of our business to minimise our impact on the environment and we endeavour to educate people on these important issues of looking after the world around us.