We’re keen as mustard to work with people who share our passion for real food. So, whether you’re a family-run farm in the Lake District, or the head honcho at a global corporation, we’re all ears. 

PRIME offers you the best of British beef, from a sustainable source. Get in touch with us today to discuss our supplier, seller and partnership options. 

British Made

We are proud to source all our beef from local farmers who we have worked with for decades. Transparency in our supply chain is something we pride ourselves on to bring you the very best of British.

Grass Fed

Grass fed is the gold standard of farming, it’s best for the planet, the animals and your customers. Our beef is grass fed and grass finished – always.

Natural, Wholefood Ingredients

Proudly offer your health-conscious consumers a snack which is 100% natural, made with real food ingredients and free from hidden nasties.

Premium Nutrition

PRIME provides a lean source of protein that’s free from sugar, naturally low in carbs and rich in health optimising nutrients.

Sustainable Snacking

Grass fed farming means lower carbon emissions, nurturing the land and protecting precious natural ecosystems.